Jul 16, 2011

Ungoverned Spaces in Guatemala

According to the web site Insight (insightcrime.org), which focuses on organized crime in the Americas, there are many, many Ungoverned Spaces in Central America and elsewhere. An Ungoverned Space is where there is no effective control by a central national government. These spaces are ripe for the unbridled operations of TCOs (Transnational Criminal Organizations). The site lists the following departments of Guatemala as Ungoverned Spaces:

1. The Peten (this will be no surprise to anyone).

2. Alta Verapaz - under tight control of Mexican TCOs

3. Baja Verapaz - under tight control of Mexican TCOs

In addition there are two departments listed in which the Guatemalan government's control is being contested by TCOs:

1. Izabal

2. Huehuetenango


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