May 5, 2012

National Security Archive Expert Testifies before International Court

May 5, 2012

Source: National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Book No. 378

Update: The Guatemalan Death Squad Diary and the Right to Truth

Washington, D.C., May 3, 2012 - On April 25, 2012, Kate Doyle, senior analyst and director of the Guatemala Documentation Project at the National Security Archive, provided expert witness testimony before the Inter-American Court of Human Rights in the case of the Diario Militar (Case 12.590, Gudiel Alvarez et al. (Diario Militar) vs. Guatemala) during the Court's 45th Extraordinary Session held in Guayaquil, Ecuador. Doyle's prepared testimony was followed by questioning by the Petitioners' legal representatives, and nearly 45 minutes of questioning by the seven judges. The representatives for the State chose to not ask questions.

The following text is an excerpt of Doyle's testimony:

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