Sep 27, 2012

Finding a Home for Madison by October 1, 2012


September 27, 2012

I found Madison walking in the middle of the road near Central Park, La Antigua a couple weeks ago. She was limping and it was a matter of time before a car hit her and she wouldn't be able to walk again. She had that confused, defenseless look of a dog without an owner and a home. But her tail was up and wagging when she saw me, so I cajoled her to my side of the street with a few treats I had in my pocket from walking my German Shepherd earlier in the day. I squatted down to offer the treat and Madison came over very quietly, smelled it, didn't eat it and and just sat next to me. I petted him, left the few treats next to him and started to cross the street. I noticed he was following me, slowly limping along and every time I stopped, he came sat down next to me.

It was painful to watch him in pain while walking so I decided it was time to take him to Juan Pablo Calderon, the veterinarian at VetPro, and get him some help. My thought was let's get him into the dog shelter that Terry Biskovich runs in El Hato. It was the first time I had tried to help a stray so I had no idea what the process would be. I hailed a tuk-tuk, tucked my arms under Madison and put him in the tuk-tuk. He laid his head on my leg the entire time.

Since September 12 Madison has been at Vet-Pro dog clinic in Antigua. Thanks to a kind sponsor Madison was neutered, de-wormed, got his shots, including rabies, flea baths and sprays, and has been hospitalized the entire time. When I picked him up he weighed 36 lbs and now he weighs 42 pounds. He came with multiple bites certainly produced by fights with other dogs and his limp probably came from a car accident. Madison has very good character and very quiet, JP tells me, but he still needs a home. 

So we're looking for someone to foster him until we find him a more permanent home. Since we're leaving the country in a few weeks, we can't foster him, but perhaps you can? 

If you are interested in being a foster or in adopting Madison please contact me or Vetpro. If we don't find Madison a home by Sept. 30 we'll need to put him out on the street again because all the shelters are full here.

Please help us spread this information and help us find Madison some kind people to take care of him both on a temporary basis and more permanently! 



JP Calderon



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