Dec 22, 2012

A Little Bit Too Much Festive Cheer


Merry Christmas everyone! All smiles, and greetings and best wishes and cards and kisses and hugs, sensational presents, sprigs of mistletoe. All happy, wonderful little bundles of joy. Which is great, except you don’t want to be continuously cheerful for a solid month. Sometimes, you want to be sad, or depressed or angry. You’re human, it’s normal. You have a high pressure job, your colleagues are serious almost all the time. You have a massive deadline to meet. This is not the time for tinsel, baubles and spiced drinks. This is the time to put your head down, work hard and occasionally unwind with a few local Dalston escorts.

For some reason though, everyone that is happy seems to take your lack of utter ecstasy as some sort of personal insult. They label you grump and grouch, they tell you that you’re ruining the mood and bringing everyone else down. Apparently, your presence alone is enough to ruin christmas. Somehow, that thought is meant to make you perk up and don a festive hat. It gets worse, at least those people just judge you and regard you with a lingering disdain. That’s nothing compared to the ones that want, need, to fix you. They want to be your best friend, your salvation, your messiah descending from heaven in the warm glow. Somehow, they think that a day out or a meal, or a bar of chocolate will solve all of your problems and magically evaporate the worry that comes from such a busy schedule. You say that you don’t have time for that, you’re perfectly content nose to the grindstone with the odd night off with a beautiful escort and a good bottle of wine. They say that this isn’t nearly good enough, you need to making cards, brewing your own beers, wishing everyone a merry christmas, chasing up obscure relatives you’ve never met.

You’re no Scrooge. You like christmas, really you do. But it starts on the 24th, when you have your holiday and you can enjoy all the trappings without being under a suffocating miasma of doubt and concern. The upside of working in such a demanding job is that when you do get to relax, you can do so in style. You can afford to buy people exciting presents. You like to. Treating family and friends is one of your favourite things in the world. But you want to do so on your terms, in your time. You don’t want your life dictated to you by people you barely know. Those that can’t understand that don’t understand the festive spirit. Some people like spending their time making chutneys and their own mincemeat, others like taking a Dalston escort to a nice restaurant on their nights off. Neither is better, neither is any more christmassy than the other. The true meaning of the season is one of love and acceptance, allowing people to live the life that they want without judgment.

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