Dec 27, 2012

Getting Presents for Female Friend and Family

Getting Presents for Female Friend and Family Buying presents isn’t easy at the best of times. There are so many hoops to jump through and falling at any point inevitably proves to embarrassing, or occasionally disastrous, consequences. The angry face of a mother in law who has been given anti ageing cream is something that has burned itself into the mind of many a man who has been naively looking to win a little favour. Remembering who likes what isn’t exactly easy either, especially as distant relatives seem to blend into one at this point. Was it uncle John that liked seeing a cheap escort, or was that uncle Jasper? It’s just a disaster waiting to happen. It only gets worse when it comes to buying for female acquaintances. They almost inevitably know exactly what they want but there’s no chance of them ever revealing it. These three tips might be the difference between a day from hell and a Christmas miracle.

1. Don’t skimp The worst thing that you can do is apply the sort the masculine adage: “bigger is always better” to a woman’s gift. Getting her 5 top shop scarves is vastly inferior to getting her one cute number from Channel. Getting her 2 cheaper items rather than 1 expensive is not going to go down well. Spend the money well on a few perfect pieces.

2. Go for something unique She wants to know that you’ve really put some thought into it. She will have received hundreds of bottles of perfume, make up kits, face masks, bath bombs and vouchers in her lifetime. It doesn’t really show that you care, it just shows that have a blinkered view of what a lady likes. Treat her to a perfect day. Start by waking her gently, with a tray laden with her favourite breakfast. After she’s finished, take her to the shower, hand her some fantastic products from a luxury store like Lush, then when’s she fresh and ready, take her for a beautifully romantic day followed by a meal at a great restaurant. She doesn’t want something massively expensive, she just wants to know that you care.

3. Take her tastes into account You might think that your girlfriend will look drop dead gorgeous in little lacy lingerie number, but think about how she’s going to act when she puts it on. The fact that it’s gratuitously revealing might appeal to you, but it may very well make her feel vulnerable and self conscious. She might feel oversexualised, and the last thing you want is for your partner to feel like you’re objectifying her and reducing her to little more than a cheap escort: great to look at but not much between the ears.

The key to being sexy is to feel sexy. If she can’t be confident in what she’s wearing, it’s going to totally ruin the mood and rather than acting as the aphrodisiac that you had hoped for, it may very well put a stop to your evening. The same goes for other presents too: you might think that the novelty apron is a hilarious gift for your mum, but is she really going to like wearing it, or will she only take it out of the cupboard when you come round to visit?

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