Apr 25, 2013

Origins of the Maya

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April 25, 2013

Source: Explorers Journal

The “Dialogue of Civilizations” conference in Guatemala brought together archaeologists studying five ancient cultures to discuss their similarities and differences and what they can tell us about human society as a whole. You can still be a part of the conversation, commenting on this post or tweeting using #5Civilizations.

After a day and a half of presentations on four ancient civilizations from the Old World, the crowd of more than 700 people gathered in Guatemala for the Dialogue of Civilizations last week was more than ready to dig in to the archaeology of the Maya. Barbara Arroyo, coordinator of excavations at the site of Kaminaljuyu in Guatemala City took the stage first and did not disappoint, opening everyone’s eyes to the fascinating early history of this renowned culture.

When the New World Was Still New

Arroyo spoke of the truly ancient origins of the Maya. Because the Classic Maya period took place in the centuries after the fall of Rome, it’s easy to focus on it as generally more recent than the other ancient civilizations discussed. Getting at its deeper roots was eye-opening.

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