Jun 3, 2009

What's in a correction?

You mean it only took two weeks for the NY Times to cover the murder of Rosenberg in Guatemala? It's a decent predictable article that doesn't even begin to scrape the surface My favorite part is actually the Editor's Note:

"An article on May 22 about a political crisis in Guatemala created by the shooting death of Rodrigo Rosenberg, a prominent lawyer, said that Mr. Rosenberg had been in a relationship with Marjorie Musa, another murder victim. Although people familiar with the investigation into the deaths described such a relationship, longtime friends of Ms. Musa dispute it. The Times should not have stated the assertion as fact without attribution.

    * Guatemalan Leaders Under Pall in Lawyer’s Killing(May 22, 2009)"

How significant is it to even focus on this in an editor's note? Why not make assertions or fact check Colom's ties to drug traffickers or other things for which he was actually accused of in the video? And no mention of U.S. intervention in this.


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