Oct 19, 2009

Guatemala: Histories of Violence

Charlotte Whalen is an artist and activist based in New Jersey. She received her BA from Princeton University, where she studied history, architecture, and photography. She will receive her MFA in photography from Rutgers University in 2008.

Charlotte's work as a photographer combines images and text to bring sustained attention to under-examined political, cultural, and environmental issues. She is currently working on two long-term projects: one on development and the subprime crisis in the United States; the other on transitional justice and the aftereffects of Guatemala's 36-year armed conflict. To see more of Charlotte's work from Guatemala, and her work with undocumented Guatemalan immigrants living in the US, visit www.afterlaviolencia.org.

All the work on this site was made with a Toyo 4x5 field camera using color negative film. Despite the cumbersome nature of the 4x5 camera, which requires its user to sequester him- or herself under a large black cloth, Charlotte finds it ideally suited for working in the field, particularly when that field is populated by unfamiliar and curious individuals. Those people too, after all, want to see what is under the black cloth. And what do they find there? Their world turned upside down.

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