Jan 17, 2010

Reject Action Responsible for Genocide in Guatemala

Jan 17, 2010

By NamNewsNetwork

GUATEMALA, Jan 17 (NNN-Prensa Latina): Relatives of victims of genocide during the internal armed conflict in Guatemala are now attempting to stop the efforts of one of the most renowned makers to avoid the progress of a lawsuit against him.

The defense of former Gen. Efrain Rios Montt, now leader of the Guatemalan Republican Front Party, filed an appeal denying the Supreme Court pursuant to a previously requested.

In response, representatives of the Association for Justice and Reconciliation, a group that acts as an adhesive complainant in the process, asked the Constitutional Court's rejection of that appeal.

The defendant also seeks to block the disclosure of documents of the military forces then.

Considered one of the perpetrators of the worst atrocities committed in Guatemala during the civil war (1960-1996), Rios Montt came to power through a coup that ousted then-General Romeo Lucas, 23 March 1982.

Now the octogenarian former army denies knowledge of the massacres of that time, but it is still rated as one of the bloodiest rulers in the history of Latin America.

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