Jan 17, 2010

The hope for an endless mine

Tuesday, 12 August 2008 06:24
Fuente: Upsidedownworld

By Nathan Einbinder

Not unlike the original conquistadores, in their fervent scramble for precious metals and disregard for Indigenous peoples, the new mining doctrine in Guatemala is just as much a threat to the Maya campesinos and their perpetual struggle for land and rights.

Argued by critics as the next wave of land theft and imperialism, foreign controlled mining activity has increased from practically nothing ten years ago into massive concessions—equaling 10 percent or more of the entire country—giving nearly unlimited exploitative rights to the corporations. 1

In the case of the Marlin gold mine, situated in the remote, highland department of San Marcos, local inhabitants risk their lives by opposing the occupation and destruction of their land and communities, leading a continent-wide struggle against the Canadian mining giant Goldcorp Inc. As part of a university-led delegation this past May 2008, I was fortunate enough to tour Goldcorp's controversial mine, and meet with leaders of the resistance movement.

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