Oct 27, 2010

Eighth Annual Tulane Maya Symposium and Workshop

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We're pleased to announce the Eighth Annual Tulane Maya Symposium and Workshop! Please see the following website for more information.
Participants include:
Richard Hansen (Idaho State University / FARES)
Anthony P. Andrews (New College of Florida)
Fernando Robles (INAH-Yucatán)
David Anderson (Tulane University)
E. Wyllys Andrews V (M.A.R.I. / Tulane University)
George J. Bey III (Millsaps College)
Barbara Arroyo (Asociación TIkal)
Francisco Estrada-Belli (Boston University)
Tomás Gallareta Negrón (INAH-Yucatán)
Norman Hammond (Boston University)
Michael W. Love (CSU-Northridge)
Jaime Awe (Institute of Archaeology, Belize)
Markus Eberl (Vanderbilt University)
Julia Guernsey (University of Texas at Austin)
Marc Zender (Peabody Museum, Harvard University)

The 8th Annual Tulane Maya Symposium & Workshop to be held on February 11-13th, 2011 at Tulane University and the New Orleans Museum of Art. For details please see our website or our Facebook event page, or email us atmari@tulane.edu.





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