Nov 28, 2010

Vegas in Antigua 2011


By Judy Sadlier, Tamalyn Gutierrez, Joel Arana & Jamie de Leon

Guatemala NGO Network

The NGO participants in the Guatemala NGO Network  are invited to indicate their interest in being one of the 10 to benefit from the NGO SHOWCASE during the event.

The date is the 29th of January from 2-6PM. This year there will be no silent auction or boutique. Instead, the Gaming will begin at 4PM and continue until 10PM. The NGOs will receive all of the entry fees, which will be Q100.  We are forecasting attendance to be in the range of 250-300 persons.  The Guatemala NGO Network will receive the Gaming Buy-In (Q50) and a percentage of the Food and Beverage receipts.  As an added attraction we plan to have a Belly Dancing Contest in the evening. There will be prizes and awards and raffles.

As a participant your NGO needs to be registered in Guatemala. You will need to have two persons at your table for 4 hours who are able to hold conversations in both English and Spanish. You should provide literature about your organization and posters or other material demonstrating your work may be included. If your organization has items to sell, we will  provide sufficient space to help you offer those.

We will make our selection from those who send us an e-mail indicating their interest before December 7th  and notify all who have applied.  Include the name and phone # of the person within your NGO who will be responsible for your participation.  Please send the e-mail to




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