May 22, 2011

FAFG and the National Police's Historical Archives Work Collaborate to Find Missing Persons

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By The Guatemalan Forensic Anthropology Foundation (Fundación de Antropología Forense de Guatemala, FAFG) 

The two institutions (FAFG and the National Police's Historical Archives, Archivo Histórico de la Policía Nacional, AHPN) have carried out activities together and are collaborating in the search for missing persons from the internal armed conflict. The relationship between the two organisations was strengthened recently when a new possibility of collaboration arose due to a mutual interest in finding the missing in the department of Escuintla. 

The FAFG will be starting a forensic anthropological investigation in the Escuintla Cemetery in order to identify the "XX" (John/Jane Does, non-identified persons) buried in the cemetery and the Archive is in the possession of documents with information regarding this province in its collection named Escuintla. The FAFG has hired four persons who will be working in the AHPN on the investigation of the documents belonging to this collection in which it is hoped that the activities of the PN (National Police, Policía Nacional) are documented and that information relevant to the FAFG's search for the missing from the armed conflict can be found in the registers.

The members of staff hired to work on this collection are highly qualified with previous work experience in the AHPN. They will be working under the rules established by the AHPN and the information generated from the investigation will be managed in the same way the Historical Archive's other information and archives are managed.


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