• From Shared Stories, Solidarity
      As an intern, I had the opportunity to attend GHRC's August delegation to Guatemala, titled Women in Resistance. In addition to meeting with different human rights organizations and the U.S. Embassy, we were fortunate enough to listen to the testimony of Ixil genocide survivors. Before beginning their testimony, they admitted that repeating their stories to us would be emotionally draining. Yet they understood that we were there to foster solidarity, and we assured them that we would share their experiences with our contacts back in the U.S.
  • Visiting Qanjobal community in Omaha, NE
    On August 9th and 10th, I traveled to Omaha, NE, and had the honor to get to know the Comunidad Maya Pixan Ixim (CMPI). Juana Marcos, Executive Director of CMPI, was a recipient this year of GHRC’s Voiceless Speak Fund. She and her husband, Luis Marcos had invited me to participate in the first annual Omaha Celebration of the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples.
  • HablaGuate
    Como todo en la vida, la cooperación internacional tiene diversas maneras de realizarse en nuestro país. Por ejemplo, existe la “falsa cooperación” que viene a imponer, a dirigir, a aplicar lo que sea sin importar los elementos de nuestra realidad diversa. Hacen de nuestro país un espacio para volcar sus recursos, para hacer experimentos o para crear sus negocios.
  • Wuqu' Kawoq tiene aceso a un tipo de protesis
    Wuqu' Kawoq tiene aceso a un tipo de protesis para personas que han nacido o sufrido una amputacion del antebrazo. 
  • HablaGuate
    See you all at the Guatemala Network collaborative meeting TODAY at 6:30 pm at  La Peña de Sol Latino in La Antigua! La Peña de Sol Latino has very generously offered to compensate our use of their facilities, meaning that there will now be no entry fee for our meetings! Please spread the news of this great opportunity to your friends. Increasing membership helps us grow this network of nonprofits, foundations, entrepreneurs and other social service organizations in Guatemala to achieve our goal of providing a place for information, training, mentorship and opportunity exchange. 
  • HablaGuate
    Please take advantage of this wonderful opportunity and spread the news to your friends!  For those of you who have yet to attend a meeting, please join us next Thursday, April 18th at 6:30pm at La Peña de Sol Latino, located at 5a calle Poniente #15C in Antigua, Phone 7882-4468.  Drinks will be available for purchase in the upstairs meeting room.
  • HablaGuate
    Para ustedes quienes todavía no han asistido una reunión esperamos contar con ustedes el  jueves 18 de abril a las 6:30pm en La Peña de Sol Latino, 5ª. Calle Poniente # 15C en Antigua, teléfono 7832-4468.  Ofrecerán bebidas para comprar.
  • HablaGuate
    Guatemala Network Meeting will be held on Thursday, February 21st At 6:30PM At La Peña De Sol Latino, La Antigua.
  • HablaGuate
    La Red quiere invitarle a nuestra reunión este jueves en La Peña del Sol Latino en La Antigua. Para aquellos quienes asistieron a nuesta última reunión, esperamos que ustedes vengan otra vez con sus amigos para ayudarnos a crecer esta red de ONGs, fundaciónes, emprendedores, y otras organizaciones de servicio social en Guatemala. Nuestra meta es dar un lugar para información, capacitación, tutoría, y el intercambio de oportunidades. 
  • Three Years, and Still Waiting: Haiti after the Earthquake
    Three years after the most devastating natural disaster in Haitian history, the earthquake that killed over 300,000 people on January 12th, 2010, Haitians are still struggling to rebuild a semblance of normalcy in their daily lives. Despite the $6.34 billion in humanitarian and recovery funding from the international community that supposedly has already been disbursed in Haiti, reconstruction efforts still appear painfully slow in the eyes of many Haitians. 

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