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    I am well aware that Guatemala is a country with great potential, but also with one – one that has many challenges.
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    Government estimates include over150 deaths, 100 disappeared, over 135,000 people evacuated, over 20,000 homesdamaged and at least 35 bridges completely destroyed.
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      Obama’s first trip to Latin America ended Wednesday, having been largely overshadowed by events in Libya andJapan. The U.S. media was both critical and supportive of Obama’s decision to go on the five-day trip, despite the crises in Libya and Japan, but seemed largely underwhelmedby the actual content of the trip. But what was the Latin American media’s response to the trip? Last week we looked at what was being said in the days leading up to the trip, now we focus on the trip itself.    
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    The blog "Just the Facts" brings you a summary of the week in Latin America.
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    US Lawyer and human rights activist Jennifer Harbury has been pushing for justice in war crimes cases in Guatemala for over 20 years. She writes from Guatemala, calling for action at this key moment to denounce the Guatemalan military's attempts to impede the work of Attorney General Claudia Paz and the judicial proceedings underway in key cases.
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    Guatemala Human Rights Commission brings you the weekly human rights updates.
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    Friday, April 26, 2013 Source: Just the Facts Week in Review The following is a round-up of some of the top articles and news ...
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    Over 150 international, regional and local organizations from 10 countries have come together to address presidents from the US and Mesoamerica on the eve of their summit.
  • Week in Review from Just the Facts
    Friday, October 25, 2013 Week in Review This post was written by Sarah Kinosian and CIP intern Benjamin Fagan. The following is a ...
  • Secretary of State Kerry Outlines U.S. Hemispheric Foreign Policy
    On November 18, Secretary of State John Kerry spoke at the Organization of American States on the Obama Administration’s foreign policy toward the Western Hemisphere. The Inter-American Dialogue co-sponsored the event, and leading Latin America policymakers attended, including Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs Roberta Jacobson.

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